What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday

  • Early Bird Arrival: 8:00-9:00
  • Core Class Hours: 9:00-3:00
  • After Care: 3:00-5:00
Do you have a School Calendar available?

We participate in a year round calendar with Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. School closures, such as for National Holidays, Parent Teacher Conferences, or Semester Breaks are planned in advance and communicated via our School Calendar. During some of those breaks, general care is available on a limited basis for those families who are in need. A school calendar will be given to parents notating which weeks are break weeks or the upcoming school year. Any changes to this calendar will be communicated in advance.

**We are in the process of updating the school calendar. We thank you for your patience and hope to have this available soon.


What do we do if we arrive to school late?

Classroom activities begin at 9:00 am. If you arrive after 9:00 am, please stop by the office for drop-off so that the classroom is not disrupted. If your child will be absent due to illness or for any other reason, please notify us by email or by phone as soon as you are able.

The school day ends at 3:00 pm. Students not enrolled in After Care should be picked up no later than 3:15 pm.

What happens if there are extreme weather conditions?

On days when extreme weather conditions occur, the school will follow the lead of the surrounding school districts and close accordingly. If conditions are becoming unsafe throughout the day, parents may be contacted for early closing.

What happens if my family takes a vacation?

From time to time your family may go on vacation! When this happens, please let us know in advance so that we know when your child will be gone and when to expect their return. We do not prorate tuition during this time as we are still holding the space open for your child when they return.

What is the school policy for illnesses?

For the protection of all the children in the school, as well as the health of your own child and family, we ask that parents assist us in maintaining a healthy learning environment by keeping sick children at home. All parents will be notified if there is an outbreak of a contagious disease or pest.
In the event of an illness or accident at school we will make every attempt to contact you immediately. Please make sure we are notified of any changes to your contact information.

Children with an infectious illness will not be permitted to be at school and should not return until they have been symptom free for at least 24 hours.

My child is taking medication; do you administer them at school?

Any medications to be administered throughout the day should be logged in the office and kept there. Please do not send medications with the student or in their bag. Signed parent permission is required to administer any medications.

Lunch and snacks

At this time, Willow Montessori does not provide hot lunches. We hope to bring back hot lunches soon. If you are sending a packed lunch with your child be sure to include something from each food group! At Willow we strive to provide each child with a happy balanced tummy. We are also learning about our earth and composting/recycling. Please be mindful of the containers that you pack in your child’s lunchbox. Your child loves to participate in helping our earth. Please include the appropriate ice packs to keep the lunch cold. We have designated Lunch carts that your child keeps their lunchbox on. Please label your child’s lunchbox. We ask that no candy, cookies, desserts, fruit roll-ups or “fruit snacks,” soda, fruit drinks, gum, lunchables, potato chips or French fries be brought to school.

Can my child have a water bottle?

Many children appreciate having access to their own water bottle or cup throughout the day. Please make sure that all drink containers are properly labeled with your child’s name. It is important to take them home in order to sanitize them.

My child needs naps! What does my child need for nap time?

Children who participate in naptime are asked to bring a prepared bag of naptime necessities. Bags should have the child’s name on it and include any items they need at naptime (example: a crib sheet, blanket, small pillow, etc.) Their nap bag should arrive with them the first day of each week and will be sent home with them on the last to be laundered over the weekend.

Is there a dress code?

Students should dress seasonably, as we do like to spend time outdoors! However, sometimes the classroom can be chilly, so a sweater may be nice for them to keep in their cubby. Additionally, clothing should not include any branding or copyrighted characters.

What do we need to bring to school?

Parents are responsible for equipping their children with necessary daily items. This list will vary by child and age group.

  1. Backpack – Should come with student daily and contain daily supply items. Please leave this on the stationary shelf outside the classrooms when you arrive. Suggested items include:
    • Diapers & Wipes
    • Extra clothing – shirts, pants, underpants, socks
    • Creams & ointments
    • Sunscreen
  2. Lunchbox – Should come with student daily. Label all Tupperware and containers to ensure the items are returned back to you. Please leave lunchboxes on the rolling shelves labeled by classroom when you arrive. Suggested items include:
    • Snacks/Lunch
    • Water Bottle
  3. Nap bag (when appropriate) – Should come with students weekly and are sent back home on Fridays.
    Please leave on the stationary shelf in the hallway by the classrooms when you arrive. Suggested items

    • Crib sheet for cot
    • Blanket
    • Small pillow
    • A comfort item

Teachers will bring all items into the classrooms in the mornings as they are dropped off. We ask that all toys stay at home. This keeps the children from being distracted and taking the attention away from learning. We also ask that clothing and accessories not contain marketing symbols such as, Disney and Nickelodeon. In a school driven by discovery it is important to give the children a fresh canvas to paint on.

Are there any other fees?

Each year in August we will ask that parents update their student’s records prior to September 1st. These updates will include an updated profiles sheet, general permission forms, re-enrollment in school lunch programs, and an updated copy of the student’s immunization records. The $200 annual materials fee is also
due at this time.

There are great pictures of your school. Are those real students?

Willow Montessori has partnered with Sandi Rose Photography to help us capture snapshots of a day in the life with our students. These images may be posted to Willow Montessori Facebook page, as well as a private website page, which is locked with a passcode and only accessible by Willow Montessori parents and staff. A consent form has been provided. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed, please stop by the office to make sure your student is listed accordingly.

Is there anything parents can do to contribute?

Being a small school having a good network with the parents is crucial. We encourage parents to speak to the director and administration about sharing talents with the class. Let us know if you would like to contribute!

How do I find the Parent Handbook?

Click to download Willow Handbook



What about Parent Communication and Sign In/Out?

We use Brightwheel and Montessori Compass to track Attendance, Academics, and Parent Communication.  If you are looking for how to sign in please click here www.mybrightwheel.com  and www.montessoricompass.com and simply login.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, please contact us.